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Gisele Bundchen, Carmen Ortega, Evangelina Anderson, Adriana Francesca Lima are not beautiful models, maybe sometimes are hot models and sexy. Many ordinary girls from a regular high school, are more beautiful than these successful models. Search on google "top hot models Victoria Secrets" and you can hardly find really beautiful models. What means beautiful hot models? Big hot ass, sexy legs, big beautiful boobs, charming eyes and a little fat, some fat. These criteria should be respected. The woman weak is not a model. The dick in some hot fat, in a little fat means perfect fuck. Carmen Ortega, Evangelina Anderson and Adriana Francesca Lima are the most beautiful models, from these three stand out better Carmen Ortega because has an big ass and big beautiful boobs. How is this possible? Models considered by top but they have nothing in common with the beauty, is revolting and unfair. The beautiful and hot Josephine Skriver and Adriana Francesca Lima pick up somewhat, somehow the image of this fashion houses. Perhaps it is something abstract.

Most often hot models means hot whores fucked hard, real prostitutes, so does not matter the beauty. In the world of models We find a lot of prostitution. "It's not prostitution, it's shopping!" transactional sex, considers these stupid hot bitches. Maybe and beautiful Carmen Ortega is a prostitute. "Is there anything wrong with selling sex?" Of course yes. What kind of question is that? "Over 30 hot models arrested for prostitution", Romania, but the penalties have been by form, symbolic penalty, the prostitution and the pimping are illegal phenomena tolerated by the authorities from Romania . "Secret Service Scandal: Colombian Prostitute Dania Suarez", the prostitutes are everywhere, why would not be also in fashion world? Gisele Bundchen, Carmen Ortega, Evangelina Anderson, Adriana Francesca Lima, Josephine Skriver, all these hot models can be in certain circumstances whores fucked hard in ass.

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